Films | Andy Blubaugh

The Adults In The Room

2010/16mm and HD Video/81 Mins

“[The Adults In The Room] explores autobiography, coming-of age and teen sexuality, three subjects so fraught with the potential for both excess and cliched interpretation that they generally shouldn’t be explored by anyone still cutting their teeth. Or rather, they should be explored, but we should not be forced to watch. In Blubaugh’s hands, these elements get jostled around in such an assured and daring mix of narrative and documentary context that self-indulgence is kept at bay and the reflectiveness at its core is captivating.”
— Steven Pate,



The Pull

2007/16mm/8 Mins.

When John and Andy went from being friend to being lovers, they agreed upon a date to break-up beforehand.  In THE PULL, conversations between Andy and his friends—some supporters of this relationship and some not—reveal the complexities that arise when one couple tries to challenge the assumption that the litmus test for romantic success is being together forever.



2006/16mm/15 Mins.
Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival, Milano Film Festival
A violent mugging at the hands of five young men serves as an impetus for the filmmaker to examine the role that fear plays in the lives of the safest population in human history.

Hello, Thanks

2005/16mm/8 Mins.
Combining off the cuff conversation, text, and re-enactments, the filmmaker recounts a year looking for love through personal ads, but finding it in the words themselves.Official Selection: Sundance Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival

 He Said

2003/16mm/4 Mins.
Two young men—once lovers, now friends, play out their lingering grudges in the fluorescent light of a grocery store.

The Burden

2001/Super-8 and DV/8 Mins.
The filmmaker receives a camera in the mail that may or may not contain the last photos of the filmmaker’s mother, sparking an examination of art, family, and obligation.
Selected Screenings: Bellvue Art Museum Film Festival, Northwest Film & Video Festival