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Currently Enrolling at Northwest Documentary:

Expanding Your Documentary

Adult Continuing Education

Even if the footage itself is unscripted, non-fiction filmmaking requires its own form of “writing,” one that more often involves clips on a timeline than words on the page. Mastering this phase of documentary post-production, in which the filmmaker distills a coherent story from a vast pool of information, is crucial for tackling more ambitious projects and building broader audiences.

Using provided interview and vérité footage, students in this class will learn practical methods for building narrative structure in non-fiction film, identifying the compelling characters and dramatic conflict from the available truth, and honing their storytelling skills in preparation for their own independent projects. Basic knowledge of Adobe Premiere is required.

Currently Enrolling at Northwest Film Center School Of Film:

Shoot + Edit + Share

Adult Continuing Education

Learn the foundations of narrative and documentary filmmaking, including basic camera operation, shooting, and editing; shoot and edit two short films through exercises that teach the basics of visual expression; shoot and edit a short individual final project of your own; bring in work-in-progress for class critique; set up a Vimeo channel and upload all work.