Residencies | Andy Blubaugh

Through artist residencies, I partner with schools and organizations to share my experiences, develop innovative media arts curricula, and collaboratively create new works with students and participants.

All residencies with K-12 schools are coordinated by the Northwest Film Center as part of their Young Filmmakers Program. For more information about the Young Filmmakers Program, or to inquire about starting a residency at your school, click here.


Northwest Documentary Media Arts
March – August 2012

As the fourth Artist-In-Residence for NW Doc, I’ll be working on my new installation project, as well as teaching classes and workshops in their ongoing education program.  For more information about Northwest Documentary Media Arts, click here.

Lincoln County Film Project
February – May 2012

Started by district attorney and youth media champion Rob Bovett in 2004, this innovative program brings filmmakers into the underserved coastal communities of Lincoln County, Oregon to teach valuable filmmaking skills and enable young people to create PSAs on topics concerning their community.  The Lincoln County Film Project is a partnership between the Lincoln County School District, the Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office, PAADA, and the Northwest Film Center.  For more information about the Lincoln County Film Project, click here.


Childpeace Montessori School

March – April 2012

Riverdale High School

March 2012