Andy Blubaugh
   makes little movies that make people cry.
The Adults In The Room
Work In Progress

The first feature film from Andy Blubaugh is a hybrid documentary/narrative concerning Andy's teenaged relationship with an older man. As the events of his youth unfold as a narrative film, the production of that narrative reveals the issues that come to light when the past is exposed to scrutiny. Esstimated release: January 2010

The Pull
2007/16mm/8 minutes

By examining a very unorthodox pairing, the pull exposes the difficulties inherent in all relationships when the litmus test for romantic success is staying together forever.


SCAREDYCAT is an experimental documentary about the role fear plays in our lives, taking as a point of departure the beating of the filmmaker at the hands of a gang of young men who called themselves "The Portland Riders."
Hello, Thanks
2005/16mm/8 minutes

Weaving interviews and off the cuff commentary with reenactments and text, the film tells the story of the filmmaker's year in the personal ads, looking for romance but having his true love affair with the words themselves.

He Said
2003/16mm/4 minutes

Two young men, once lovers, now uneasy acquaintances, enact subtle emotional warfare on the fluorescent-lit stage of a supermarket. Or, more succinctly, two guys shop for dinner and drive each other nuts.
The Burden
2001/Super8 and DV/9 minutes

In 2001 the filmmaker's dad sent him the camera that his mother had used to take their family pictures, with a roll of film left inside. In a series of speculative vignettes, the filmmaker presents three possible outcomes to this situation, exploring our obligation to memorialize the dead.